• The Accueil - Welcome Desk

    The Accueil - Welcome Desk is there to make things easier for you, bringing together in one place all of the key partners involved in arriving and getting settled in at the university site of the Academy of Toulouse. A multilingual team will welcome you and answer your questions, year-round....

  • The services at the Accueil - Welcome Desk

    The prefecture of Haute-Garonne, the Board of Education of the Academy of Toulouse, the CAF of Haute-Garonne and the CROUS of Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees provide services at the Accueil - Welcome Desk to answer all your questions and make your administrative procedures easier.

  • The Accueil - Welcome Desk partners

    The Accueil - Welcome Desk works with a network of partners to help you carry out your formalities and settle into academic life within the Toulouse education authority.