• Course offerings

    A website dedicated to the courses offered by the higher education institutions of the UFTMP. Find your course with the interactive mapping of courses.

  • Toulouse Tech it Easy

    Toulouse Tech It Easy is a portal dedicated to international students and contains information on Masters of Science, Advanced Masters (Mastères Spécialisés ®) and short programs/summer schools taught in English.

  • French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

    The University of Toulouse offers French as a Foreign Language evening or intensive classes to students and PhD students. Several options are available depending on what your needs are. You want to apply? Follow the steps!

  • Exploring higher education in France

    European countries have adopted a new common higher education system in order to guarantee the recognition of degrees at the European level and to facilitate student and researcher mobility.

  • Special arrangements

    Higher education institutions are obliged to make any special arrangements required to enable you to carry out your studies successfully, providing the necessary support and organisation. Assistance can be arranged depending on your needs.

  • Special arrangements for exams

    As a student with a disability, you are eligible for special arrangements when sitting exams or competitive entrance exams for higher education institutions. These arrangements concern exams held throughout the academic year, finals, written exams, orals and practical assessments.